How You Can Use Garlic For Hair Growth: Tips And Benefits
How You Can Use Garlic For Hair Growth: Tips And Benefits

You know the dal is going to be good when you smell the garlicky goodness waft through the kitchen doors. Although it has a strong odour, it adds wonderful flavour to food and most recipes are incomplete without a few cloves of garlic in it. Other than adding flavour to your food, did you know there are many benefits of garlic for the skin, hair and health? Including this one ingredient in your daily diet can help fight a lot of ailments, not to mention give you a whole load of beauty benefits.

Did you know?

Garlic is one of the oldest known food flavourings and it’s been used by humans for the last eight thousand years! There are over 450 varieties of garlic found around the world, but it was first discovered in India from where it spread out to other countries.

1. Anti-ageing

Premature ageing is one problem that many women deal with. Pollution, exposure to UV rays and unhealthy lifestyles, all contribute to free radical damage that leads to signs of ageing showing up on your skin.

2. Acne

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of garlic make it an excellent ingredient for treating acne and pimples. When applied topically to acne, it kills the bacteria settled deep inside the pores, and helps reduce inflammation. Extract the juice of a few cloves of garlic, add a few drops of honey to dilute it and apply on the acne using a ball of cotton.

3. Hair loss

Losing a lot of hair every day can be quite disheartening. If you are sick and tired of seeing loose hair strands on your hairbrush, pillow and around the shower drain, then maybe the benefits of garlic can help you out here. Applying crushed garlic to the roots of your hair will boost collagen production, which is essential for stimulating hair growth.

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