5 Simple But Very Effective Acne Vulgaris Treatments
5 Simple But Very Effective Acne Vulgaris Treatments

Acne Vulgaris Treatments: It commonly called acne, is a skin problem plaguing individuals of all sexes and ages, be it a teenager or an adult. Acne begins to appear on an individual with the onset of puberty and increased levels of testosterone in the body in both the genders, and can diminish with increasing age.

1. Washing the Face with Water:

Washing and cleansing the face twice regularly, no more and no less than that, helps to remove the dirt and unwanted oil from the face, clear the blocked pores, helps the skin to breathe and stay fresh while also avoiding acne and pimples. This is a very effective treatment for acne.

2. Use of Benzoyl Peroxide:

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most common and effective treatments to battle an acne outbreak. Present in a large number of anti-acne products like creams, lotions etc, this topical treatment, with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helps to restrict and inhibit the growth of the P.acne bacteria and prevents formation of comedones, thereby treating and preventing acne.

3. Cleansing and Exfoliating the Skin:

Dirt, dead cells and sebum clog the pores of the skin thereby initiating a bacterial attack on the skin, leading to the appearance of acne on the face. Hormonal imbalances like periods and pregnancy in women also lead to increased sebum production in the skin and consequently cause acne.

Protecting the skin against harmful exposure to the sun is also important to keep acne away. UV rays of the sun cause sun burns, sun spots, etc, that increase the number of dead cells on the skin, thereby clogging the pores and causing acne. Use of sunscreens and SPF packed cosmetics help to combat this issue and thus help to prevent acne and keep the skin healthy and flawless.

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