5 Shower Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Hair and Skin
5 Shower Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Hair and Skin
Sometimes, no amount of tools in your makeup case seem to give you healthy looking hair or skin. Guess what, a shower can do this naturally! Gear up to learn some shower tips for healthy skin and hair and make looking good just a bath away – literally.

Over the years, in your journey from marriage to motherhood to getting all your work done, you have mastered the art of quick showers. But while showering is definitely an exercise in hygiene, there are secrets that can also keep your skin and hair rejuvenated! Try out these shower techniques and say hello to gorgeous hair and glowing skin right under that spout.

5 Shower Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Hair and Skin

1. Opting for the bar

We have been taught that there’s no such thing as bath without soap. But dermatologists say that soapsuds can actually make your skin feel drier by stripping away essential oils from the skin. One of the shower tips for healthy skin would definitely be to go soap-free. Pick up a water-based body wash to get you feeling squeaky clean in no time!

2. Keeping it Hot

After a long, tiring day nothing seems to be more inviting than a tub full of hot water. Everyone loves the way it relaxes your body and washes away all the stress. Post your bath, you always scurry to apply a heavy dose of moisturiser on your body, right? Well, hot water indeed dries out the skin by stripping it off it’s natural oils. So the next time you’re tempted to turn up the heat in the shower, make sure lukewarm water is the highest you go if you want your skin to be happy!

3. Missing the right spots

You shampoo your hair at the right frequency and use good products but your hair ends still feel dry and brittle. If you can relate to this, maybe you’ve been shampooing incorrectly all along. While shampooing, focus more on the nape of your neck, hair roots, and scalp. Lather these areas up to remove all the accumulated dirt. Avoid building excess shampoo at the hair ends; you’d be doing them a huge favour this way!

4. Going Lavishly Long

The best way to shower to get perfect skin and hair is to keep your showers short. Unless you want dry and itchy skin, save the luxurious long baths for special occasions only! Dermatologists suggest sticking to a 5-10 minute limit to save your skin and your time.

5. Shave It First

If you’ve been using up your shower time to multitask, keep shaving for the end. The secret to getting a really close shave is to wait at least a few minutes after the bath. The open pores after the shower will ensure that hair is softened and easier to remove. Make sure you stay away from hot water as it swells up the hair follicles and makes hair break easily. This will leave you with ingrown hair and a rough stubble no matter how close a shave!

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