5 Cosmetic Procedures That Will Make You Look Younger

  1. Botox brow lifts for the brows: This procedure literally ‘lifts’ the skin tissues above and around the brows, raising the natural eyebrow arch a few millimeters.
  2. Forehead treatment: It is well-known that the aging process results in volume loss in the face. Temporal hollows are the empty spaces on either side of the eyes. Filling these areas with dermal fillers can enhance your facial expression.
  3. Apples of the cheek: Restoring volume to this area of the face can make you appear younger than almost any other cosmetic procedure. Without the discomfort associated with cheek implants, you can still have perfectly rounded cheeks using a higher density filler material. As the filler material lifts the skin on the cheeks, it also lifts and softens the laugh lines.
  4. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty: Individuals with a mild to moderate nasal hump, irregularity, or deviation who do not wish to have their nose resized are candidates for Injection Rhinoplasty. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for patients with a flattened nasal bridge and a broad, poorly defined nasal tip and dorsum.
  5. Lips: At any age, the lips can be plumped. Apart from enhancing the natural appearance of your lips, fillers can also be used to correct thin, crinkled, or inverted lips. Lip fillers are minimally invasive and aim to restore lost volume naturally without giving the lips a ‘trout pout’ appearance while also lifting the angles of the mouth and plumping the crinkles.

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