4 Time Saving Shower Hacks
4 Time Saving Shower Hacks

It might sound odd but bathing not only cleans your body, but it also cleans your mind. Taking a good shower can make you feel brand new again, relax the muscles, and sharpen your mind. A good shower should help you feel renewed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. These 4 time-saving shower hacks will help you manage your time better while giving you the best shower you’ve ever had!

Pump Up your Shower Time With These 4 Time Saving Shower Hacks

#1. Water Temperature

Many of us may take for granted how much the water temperature affects the quality of our shower. We continuously wash with warm water and always get the same experience. Studies show that switching it up a little has many benefits.

  • Warm water relaxes the muscles, opens the pores and lungs, and helps us clean thoroughly.
  • Cool water increases the metabolism and tightens pores while healing damaged skin.

You can alternate day by day or even in just one shower.

#2. Essential oils

You can add essential oils for a whole bunch of different reasons. The most popular would be to add to any shampooconditioner or body wash. A drop or two will give you a unique, earthy scent and is good for your skin. You can also put a few drops of essential oils, such as peppermint, lavender, and tea tree, in a very small bowl and let the steam from a warm wash fill the room with a relaxing, chest opening fragrance.

#3. Exfoliation & Moisture

Using accessories such as luffas, exfoliating scrubs, or bath bombs can really add some flare to your shower (and beauty to your skin). Every once and a while, a deep cleanse and soak will get rid of unwanted dry skin and blemishes.

#4. Organization

This doesn’t sound like it should go in such a relaxing activity like bathing or showering. but it is absolutely necessary. To get the most from your personal time, you’ve gotta know how to use your water. Before soaking in a well-deserved bath, take a quick shower to get any excess dirt off so that you are not soaking in your filth. If you are taking a shower, you may want to begin by washing your hair and leave your conditioner on while you rinse the rest of your body. This will give your hair good deep conditioning. This will pump up your shower time to where you feel absolutely new in the end. Read more

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