4 Surprising Benefits of Oily Skin
4 Surprising Benefits of Oily Skin

Oily skin might not seem like much of a blessing when you’re digging for the blotting papers or powdering your nose every few hours. But skin with highly productive oil glands isn’t all about struggling with breakouts and mattifying products. The benefits of oily skin include more resiliency and extra vitamin E production—just to name a few.

1. Oily skin is usually thicker and smoother.

Oil alone may not be enough to prevent wrinkles from forming, but active sebaceous glands may offer another benefit that could help keep skin smooth. People with oilier skin can have overproducing sebaceous glands, larger glands or an abundance of sebaceous glands. This can contribute to a thicker inner skin layer, or dermis, which makes your skin more resilient in areas where the deepest lines can form, particularly the forehead.

2. Oily skin enjoys more natural sun protection.

The oil that your skin produces contains vitamin E, which acts as a natural sunscreen and antioxidant battling free radicals. Consider it a boost instead of a replacement for sunscreen; vitamin E molecules can absorb some UV rays, but not all. Vitamin E is also anti-inflammatory, so you may find your skin is more able to weather the elements. Be sure to put on a sunscreen suitable for oily skin before exposure to rays.

3. Oily skin is more resistant to wrinkles.

Your friends with dry skin are constantly reaching for heavy emollient products to ward off creeping fine lines. But does having the polar-opposite skin type mean that you’re less prone to wrinkles? Researchers have found that wrinkles are shorter and shallower in areas with sebaceous glands that produce oil. That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for wrinkle prevention. Not all areas of the face are equal in oil production, and researchers aren’t sold on oiliness alone preventing signs of aging. Pick a light moisturizer formulated for oily skin instead of skipping an anti-aging routine.

4. Oily skin requires smaller amounts of skin care products.

When your moisturizing routine consists of dabs instead of slathering, you’re naturally going to save on products. People with dry skin often must constantly reapply products to quench a parched epidermis and relieve irritated skin. Products for oily skin are all about a light touch—a few dots of moisturizer, a few touches of oil-free foundation and just enough cleansing to keep your skin in balance.

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